What is Cut Cats Courier?

We are Cut Cats: a company comprised of cycling enthusiasts whose mission is to cultivate and promote a self-propelled lifestyle and community. We are collectively owned and operated. We understand that we are individually nothing without the people who surround us. Our expertise lies in food delivery but we would love to bring you whatever you may need.

Why Cut Cats?

Founded in 2012, Cut Cats started as a group of like-minded cyclists who wanted to bring local businesses the option of quick, efficient, inexpensive delivery services – and get paid to ride their bikes. Since then, we’ve learned and grown with the industry, developed lasting partnerships with local restaurant groups, and established ourselves as one of Chicago’s best options for delivery. We are experienced, professional, flexible, and we’d love to help you meet your delivery needs.

Some Quick Stats

Cut Cats is currently partnered with 90+ restaurants.

We currently fulfill 150,000 + deliveries per year, and have been steadily growing every year.

Our average order has a fulfillment time of 31 minutes, with an pickup time of 20 minutes and a transit time of 12 minutes.

We currently provide jobs for over 60 owner-operators.

Cut Cats is an independent worker-owned and operated business – each rider delivering food is also a company owner with a vested interest in helping maintain our client partnerships, and making sure customers are happy with delivery. Our core personal values help drive the decisions we make as a company, with each owner-operator pitching in above and beyond delivering food. 75% of each delivery fee goes to the individual owner-operator, the remainder goes back into company operation and into the local economy.

We believe in creating lasting partnerships with the clients that we service based on shared core values. We want to represent our partners in a manner that showcases our shared commitment to simple, efficient, effective, environmentally, and community friendly delivery.We understand that the on-demand delivery market is one of the most rapidly growing sections of the economy and that it’s incredibly important that your business is well represented. As an independent company we understand the importance of helping our local partners utilize delivery to maximize profits.

With specialized equipment, experienced and competent riders, and a flexible can-do attitude towards making delivery work for our partners, Cut Cats could be a great fit for you local delivery needs.