Cut Cats Courier

Your food right meow!

Cut Cats is a company comprised of cycling enthusiasts whose mission is to cultivate and promote a self-propelled lifestyle and community. We are collectively owned and operated. We understand that we are individually nothing without the people who surround us. Our expertise lies in food delivery but we would love to bring you whatever you may need.


Why Cut Cats?


Cut Cats has been delivering food in the Chicago area since 2011. We’ve been around the block, and we’ve learned a lot about how to deliver food the right way.


In a city, cyclists have a distinct advantage over cars and it shows in our delivery times. With an average fulfillment time of just 30 minutes, and an average transit time of 12 minutes, our speed makes us more than competitive. Not only do we move efficiently, but parking is never a problem!


Cut Cats is owned and operated by the same group of people who are delivering your food. We’re all small business owners at Cut Cats, and we have a vested interest in providing exceptional service to our clients as well as bettering the community we’re part of.


Utilizing bicycle delivery offer a simple way to make your business greener. Not only do bikes keep emissions out of the air, but we also help decrease traffic density and alleviate the parking problems caused by car delivery.