What can we do for you?

Want fast, efficient, professional delivery to Chicago’s vibrant neighborhoods? We got you.

Our Services

We offer delivery in many of Chicago’s most vibrant neighborhoods, including the Loop, West Town, Lakeview, and Uptown.
Delivery by bike is quick and efficient, allowing riders to get your customer’s food to them quickly and with minimal hassle.

Our basic one-hour delivery service starts at $5 per delivery. We are also proud to offer a full fledged catering service using cargo bikes specifically designed to transport larger orders safely and efficiently.

Where we operate

What We Do

Online ordering is made quick and easy by our logistics software which integrates seamlessly with the ordering platforms your customers already use OR the ordering platforms of you choice like GrubHub, ChowNow, Eat24, and other commonly used platforms and POS systems.

Our proprietary logistics software allows our riders to quickly and easily coordinate deliveries. Deliveries come in via connections to online ordering platforms or can be entered manually by your staff on a tablet or computer, are automatically parsed by our logistics software which creates a records visible by both our staff and you, and are assigned to a specific rider. You’ll be able to track deliveries via your portal.

Your online portal offers you the ability to track your deliveries, which rider is assigned to each delivery, as well as pick-up and drop off times.

It works like this…

A delivery comes in through an online ordering platform (Grubhub, Eat24, etc.) or a customer call in.

We receive the order at the same time your restaurant does – our logistics software automatically creates a record of the delivery that is instantly visible to our riders and dispatchers.

A rider is assigned to your delivery based on factors like proximity, and efficiency. When the food is ready, the rider picks up your delivery and it’s off to the customer!

You can monitor the rider’s progress and see when your customer receives the delivery using your online portal.